Scale to Success Live Workshop

It’s for you!

This live workshop is for small business owners who have a drive to grow their business and develop a quarterly plan that’ll get them moving towards exponential growth.

Developed with Purpose

The development of this program was intentional as leadership is so much more than the next strategy.  It is also about the habits, organization, time management, and tools leaders utilize to run their business successfully. We’ll help you upgrade your productivity skills so your business plan and 90 day marketing and sales strategy is executed with high excellence.

It’s the transformation for me!

Your pathway to scaling and growing your business is no short of amazing.  But why scale and grow your business without resolving the disorganization, clutter, lack of time management, lack of systems, and lack of clarity that keep your business from growing.  We’ll help you release the sales, marketing, and planning bottleneck keeping your profits stuck at a plateau. 

Invest in Your Future Success

The future of your business relies on the success of its leader(s).  This program is an investment in yourself and your business so that it has the ability to handle growth while being run in decency and order.  This small investment is your initial step to your future success.

Workshop Outline

Module 1: Business Planning

We’re going to walk you through the business planning process step-by-step.  Walk away knowing the exact direction your business will take this year.

Module 2: Organize Your Business

A. How to Manage Your Calendar for Increased Productivity and Profits

B. How to Manage and Organize Your Physical and Digital Documents Using Google Workspace

C. How to Manage and Organize Your Physical and Digital Documents Using Dropbox

D. Other systems to prepare you for growth

Module 3: Systematize

A. Creating a System of Expectation for Your Company [SOPs & more]

B. Organize Your Projects Using Asana

C. Organize Communications Using Slack + Google Workspace

Module 4: Strategize Your Growth and Profits

Walk away with an updated marketing and sales strategy to compliment your newest business plan.  Grow Your Impact, Influence, and Income.

Certificate of Completion

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