Leadership & Self-Development Consulting

How It Works

Consulting with Rachel Harper Fit, LLC is our 1-to-1 option for women business owners who need expert strategies to propel their mental health, physical movement, eating patterns and business leadership to the next level.

Why struggle to pursue your journey on your own?

Our consulting service has its arms open, ready to work with you.

When you succeed, we all succeed.


Initial Consultation

During this call, our ears are open and ready to hear your current needs and the goals you want to reach on your leadership, health and wellness journey.

Come prepared to tell us exactly what it is you want to accomplish.

Strategy Call

This 60 – 90 minute call is typically 48 to 72 hours after the initial consultation.

During that time, we are taking the time to build out a strategy that is specific to your leadership and self-development needs and goals.

Want to build a solid personal brand? We’ll provide you the strategy to get you there.

Want to decrease your stress? We’ll provide you the strategy necessary to do just that.

Need to package our services into a 1-to-1, six week, 3 phase package? It’s available!

Work with us and you’ll have the exact strategy necessary to achieve your wellness goals.

Accountability Calls

This four-call package is a great addition to this process.  During the time you are implementing your strategies, we’ll stay close to ensure you are not only implementing your new strategy, but answering your questions.

Perhaps your strategy needs another component, let’s talk and get your strategy updated.

Stick with us and we’ll stick with you!

Areas of Expertise

  • Mental Health Coaching [Stress, Life/Balance]
  • Nutrition Coaching [Balanced Eating]
  • Physical Movement Coaching [exercise goal setting]
  • Spiritual/Christian Coaching [purpose, stress, fear, anxiety]
  • Personal Development & Leadership Coaching [goal setting, personal branding, organizational skills, planning, managing stress, work/life balance]

*All Plans and Strategies are Personalized to Your Goals*

Build Your Empire with A Sound Mind, Body, and Business

I’m so excited to work together! With your drive and my expertise leadership and self-development, I know you’ll reach your goals in no time.  All it takes is the will to build a sustainable life to walk in your divine purpose with your highest form of self.

Your empire is important to me.  There is a person, group, community, nation who needs you and they need you to show up with all your awesome energy and mental and physical capabilities.  What you do is no shortage of amazing. You are driven. You are determined.


You have what it takes to show up for others.  But, guess what?  You must show up for yourself FIRST.

When you are ready to walk in your calling in the highest level of self, I am here and ready to be a part of your team!

Let’s chat soon!


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