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Business Consultation

How It Works

Consulting with Rachel Harper Fit, LLC is our 1-to-1 option for business owners who need expert strategies to build and grow their business.

We provide consulting because there are business owners who desire access to an immediate plan-of-action to get from their valley to the mountain of their next level.

Being in the valley trying to figure out alone how to move your business and life to the next level is a lonely and long-loathed pathway to limited success.  Our consulting service gets small business owners from conflict to resolution in their business.



Initial Consultation

During this call, our ears are open and ready to hear your scale and growth goals.

Come prepared to tell us exactly what it is you want to accomplish. 

Strategy Call

This 60 – 90 minute call is typically 48 to 72 hours after the initial consultation.

During that time, we are taking the time to build out a strategy that is specific to your scale and growth goals.

When we virtually meet, we’ll walk you through the exact steps that’ll allow you to meet your professional and personal goals.


Accountability Calls

This four-call package is a great addition to this process.  During the time you are implementing your scale and growth strategy, we’ll stay close to ensure you are not only implementing your new strategy, but answering your questions.

Perhaps your strategy needs another component, let’s talk and get your strategy updated.

Stick with us and we’ll stick with you!

Done-for-You Service

After you receive your strategy call, should you decide you want us to set up the systems and procedures for you, we can do just that over the course of 12 weeks in which you’ll place us in your business as a retainer and systems integrator. 

Furthermore, if you want to include data analytics to determine the success of the strategy, we’ll stick around for three months to gather and analyze the data for you [coming soon].

Question & Answer


1.) Should I pay a Consultant for what I already know?

While you are great at what you do, entrepreneurs often have gaps in their success because they lack seeing their business with a 360 view.  With consulting, we have the ability to identify the gaps and develop strategies to get you beyond your stronghold.

2.) My business is new so I’m not in need of an advisor yet.

While this may be likely for you, it’s never too early to seek a streamlined strategy to reach your business development and growth goals.  New businesses have the capacity to stay stuck on a pathway that zigzags to the finish line.  Consulting streamlines your strategy so you can avoid the stall of meeting your profit and legacy vision.

3.) I can’t afford consulting services.

While this may hail some truth, one thing for certain is that transformative services that offer top-notch, value-driven solutions will come with a price-tag that is priceless to the transformation your business receives.  We’re in the business of building visions and legacies, which is why our services are affordable and yet priceless to those who are building for the sake of the success of their last name.

4.) My business is going well and I’m making money.

Congratulations!  We love to see businesses thriving.  Even so, at the top of every level of success is the bottom of the next level.  This means taking what you did before and upgrading it to build an updated pathway to your new level of profits.  We offer streamlined pathways to your profits.

5.) Consulting is for “broken” businesses and my business is not broken.

We are thrilled that your business is thriving!  What we know is that consulting is for anyone who wants to keep their business in business.  To keep your business from being at-risk of being “broken”, it is best to invest in consultative services to close gaps you may miss in your companies’ processes and procedures.

6.) I’ve seen free consultations so that may be the best.

Oh yes, free consultations.  Our expertise comes highly transformational and is delievered by high-skilled consultants.  We require a small fee for the initial discovery/consultation call, which is a small fee for time and is a small price percentage of the strategy call that comes afterwards.

7.) I’ve used a consultant in the past, but it didn’t work well.

We’re sorry to hear the experience you had with past consultative services.  While there may be times when you reach out for consultative services and it not go as planned, you have to dig deep and determine the “why” behind the past failed consultative service.  Our services are 100% personalized to help you close your gap associated with your unique goal and vision.  We don’t guarantee that our strategies are 100% successful, we do offer accountability/follow-up packages in the event you need to ask questions or modify your strategy on your journey.  There are few consultative companies who do as such.

What’s Your Next Best Step?

Your next best step is to schedule a consultation call by using the calendar below.  View our areas of expertise, determine which area you want to close the gap, then pick the day and time that you’d like to have your initial consultation/discovery call.  Once you schedule your call, you’ll receive a pre-consultation form of questions for us to learn a little about you, your business and your area of need.  Fill out the form before your meeting.  Your impact, influence, and income are important to us.  Let’s chat!

 Areas of Expertise


for entrepreneurs who want to improve their productivity, performance, and profitability.

Areas of Expertise:


Does your day-to-day operations consist of doing “all the things”, yet you feel a sense of being unaccomplished by the end of the night?  You may have a gap in one of the following areas:

    • physical and digital file excess
    • decision-making
    • process and work-flow
    • goal setting and prioritization
    • planning and time management
    • system maintenance
    • boundaries and delegation
  • We’ll help you close the gap so your days are productive and move with purpose and ambition so you don’t lose your profits.


Performance and Profitability: Customer Journey Modelling:

Is your business profitable yet you’ve hit a profit ceiling and you can’t seem to go beyond your profit cap with your program, product, or service? You may have a gap in one of the following areas: 

  • Relationship Marketing System
  • Relationship Marketing Tools

We’ll help you develop a personalized, systematic Pathway to Marketing & Profits with tech systems to grow your business.

*All Plans and Strategies are Personalized to Your Goals*

Build Your Empire with A Sound Mind, Body, and Business

I’m so excited to work together! With your drive and my expertise, I know you’ll reach your goals in no time.

Your empire is important to me.  What you do is no shortage of amazing. You are driven. You are determined.

Let’s chat soon!

Schedule your call below.