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Life gets overwhelming for women.  Women are busy being everything to everybody and losing themselves in the process.  On top of that, the emotional distractions from the past of women consistently keep some women from reaching their full potential.  Hence the podcast name, Life You Play Too Much.  Rachel takes her listeners on a journey of emotional healing so they can process their pain and really get to living out their purpose and divine calling.  Will you come along on this journey too?  You won’t be disappointed!

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Process the Pain of Hardships

If you’re like me, you’ve gone through the valley of the shadow of death and came out on the other side, but you’ve also walked through some storms and desserts and lost the will to win.  Throwing in the towel was so much easier in the moment.  But I don’t want myself nor you to give up so much in life that we never flex our muscle of faith, power, resilience, or especially our black girl magic.

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Rachel Harper

Rachel Harper

Rachel Harper is the CEO of Rachel Harper Fit LLC where she empowers emotionally distracted women to reset and heal so they can live well, today, in and for their purpose.  Her podcast, Life You Play Too Much, is the foundation for women to get real steps and strategies to stay ready and armored against the transgressions of life so they don’t have to get ready.  She encourages women to stop allowing life to happen TO them and begin DEMANDING life to happen FOR them.