You deserve it!

We know you want to be a woman who makes few mistakes in your health and wellness journey.

In order to do that, you need knowledge and wisdom to know the health and wellness tips, strategies, and ideas that work best for your journey.

What’s Stopping You?

The problem is the health and wellness space is stretched far and wide with loads of information, which makes you feel overwhelmed and lost.

Let Us Apologize for the Confusion

We believe the health and wellness industry has done away with teaching the basics of nutrition and fitness and instead compete for your attention with competitive info like keto vs plant-based or weightlifting vs. body weight lifting.

We understand the overwhelm of the industry stressing and confusing you with competing thoughts of which meal plan is best or which exercise program provides the best results.

As a result, we developed the 10 Health and Wellness Mistakes pdf free to you.



It’s Time to Reset Your Journey for the Last Time

Woman Reset Your Mind & Spirit

Don’t let your mind & spirit drag you from enjoying life and being your authentic self.

We strengthen your mind, spirit and appreciation for life with self-evaluative activities and biblical principles.

What that means is we help you live mentally wealthy for your divine purpose.

Woman Renew Your Energy

Don’t let your many life titles and roles drain you of the energy necessary to be your mighty and powerful self for YOURSELF.

We provide nutrition education so you never go another day lacking the internal energy necessary to live out your purpose and dreams.

Woman Reinvigorate the Way You Move

Don’t let a perceived lack of time or the constant thought of failure on your journey prevent you from being physically active.

We have the best kept secrets to increase physical activity in your life, even without having to hit the gym.

It’s all possible even if you have little time in the day, limiting beliefs convincing yourself you will fail once again, and any other thoughts, myths, and mistakes keeping you from reaching your physical fitness goals.

Your purpose needs you here a little longer.

We understand the mental and physical consequences of putting the needs of family, friends, and career ahead of our own health and wellness needs.

With 10+ years of teaching and servicing in the health & wellness field, it’s important to us that you make your mental, nutritional, and physical needs a priority to LIVE WELL for your divine purpose and assignment.


*Get Started at Step 1 with the PDF Download


Download the 10 Health and Wellness Mistakes PDF

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Sometimes it’s not about finding out what else to do, but seeing what you are currently doing that’s affecting your health and wellness goals.

Step 2

Buy the 7-day Reset & Cleanse Guided eBook

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Set the tone of your new journey with this self-evaluation pre-work and guided eBook.  Receive mental wealth, fitness, and nutrition strategy basics that are sure to supercharge your journey.


Enroll in the Woman Reset Wellness Coaching Program

[Live/virtual, Group Coaching]

Learn practical, biblically sound, mental wealth, nutrition, and physical activity strategies that are easy to implement into your lifestyle.

Step 4

Prioritize your life.  Live well for your purpose and dreams.

Stop putting you on the backburner and love living for you and your divine purpose again.

Stop putting the needs of everyone else ahead of your own and become a priority with our

Woman Reset eBook and course.

At Rachel Harper Fit, we know that you want to be a woman who focus, first, on your mental wealth, nutrition, and physical fitness needs before you focus on the needs of everything and everyone else. 

In order to do that, you need to become intentional about satisfying and meeting your health and wellness needs before tending to the needs of your daily to-do list.

The problem is you put everyone else’s needs first, which makes you feel frustrated and drained of your energy and time and eventually like you’ve lost yourself.

We believe you must be intentional with. making your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being a priority, above “all the things”.

We understand the mental and physical consequences of putting the needs of family, friends, and career ahead of our own health and wellness needs, which is why we packaged our 10+ years of health education and wellness experience into our health and wellness program.

Here’s how we do it:

1) Buy the 7-day Woman Reset and Cleanse Guided eBook [pre-work],

2) Enroll in the Woman Reset Wellness Coaching program and, 

3) Prioritize living well for your purpose and dreams.

So, buy the 7-day Woman Reset & Cleanse Guided eBook.

And in the meantime, enroll in the next cohort launch of Woman Reset Wellness Coaching program so you can

stop putting your needs last

and instead

make yourself, your health, and your purpose a priority.

Purchase and Begin Your Journey Today

Guided eBook

Take the confusion out of your journey to better health.  This eBook includes the strategies necessary for you to reset how you think of yourself, renew your depleted energy daily, and reinvigorate your physical fitness so its enjoyable.  Use this eBook a la carte or as the companion when you purchase the Woman Reset Wellness Coaching program.

Woman Reset Wellness Program

Your purpose and dreams are waiting on you to show up at your highest mental, physical, and spiritual capacity.  This program is the companion course to the 7-day Mind-Body-Spirit Reset & Cleanse eBook.  Did you order your eBook yet?  What are you waiting for?  Grab the eBook, enroll in the group coaching program, and set up your gifts and purpose for greatness as you increase your healthy mindset, body, and soul to walk in what God ordained you to do in THIS lifetime.