Pathway to Profits

Your Business thrives on you reaching the fullest potential of yourself.

January 31st - How to Keep Clients Around Long-term for Stable Income & Profits

Deep dive on how to leverage relationships and relationship marketing in your business so your income remains stable.

February 28th - Declutter Your Mind and Your Business

Your mental health is your personal wealth.  Growing as a leader means managing your assignment with greater intentions.  Declutter your business and declutter your mind.

March 28th - Second Quarter Goal Planning and Execution Workshop & Mastermind

Let’s get down and dirty with your first quarter profit analysis and set up quarter two with detailed planning and prioritized tasks and strategies.

April 25th - Why Your To-Do list is No Friend to Your Personal Growth and What To Do Instead

To-do lists vs. Priority list.  Which do you use in your business.  Learn the difference for sustainable business growth.

May 30th - Leadership Boost: John C. Maxwell's 5 Levels of Leadership Training

Businesses grow when leaders grow.  Not only will this training open your eyes on how to develop your leadership personally, but also the leadership of your team leads.  Get the book and share your biggest take-aways.

June 27th - Third Quarter Goal Planning and Execution Workshop & Mastermind

Let’s get down and dirty with your second quarter profit analysis and set up quarter three with detailed planning and prioritized tasks and strategies.

July 25th - Get Rid of Digital File Excess, Disorganization and Clutter Once and For All {Invite Your Virtual Assistant}

Is your desktop overflowing with digital file after digital file?  Are you looking for a streamlined system to make the backend of your business run smoother?  Let’s talk tech tools, organization, process and workflow.

August 29th - Growth & Your Kitchen Table

Have you ever thought about the fact that what you eat can either encourage or discourage your thoughts, ideas, and innovation?  Let’s talk about it.

September 26th - Fourth Quarter Goal Planning and Execution Workshop & Mastermind

Let’s get down and dirty with your third quarter profit analysis and set up quarter four with detailed planning and prioritized tasks and strategies.

October 24th - Top 3 Strategies to Increase Your Impact and Influence in Your Market

Want to expand your influence and your impact?  Use these strategies to increase your effectiveness without overworking yourself.

November 21st - Quarter 1, 2023 Goal Planning and Execution Workshop & Mastermind

Let’s get down and dirty with your fourth quarter profit analysis and set up quarter one with detailed planning and prioritized tasks and strategies. Dive in!

December 12th - Share Your 2022 Wins and 2023 Vision!

Join the virtual party and share your 2022 wins!  Let’s recap!

Whether you believe you can or whether you believe you can’t, you’re right.


Here’s How it Works

This virtual training is offered monthly via Zoom.  The last day of each month, we offer this business growth and leadership education training as a continued education and growth option for entrepreneurs.  Every month, there is a new topic to extend the continued education and growth of small business owners.

For a small fee of $97/quarter, you’ll virtually attend the live trainings, have lifetime access to the replays, and attend the quarterly planning workshops.

At the end of each year,  a new set of classes, trainings, and workshops are offered.

Save your seat as space is limited!

It’s for you!

Pathway to Profits Masterclass is for small business owners and consumers who have a drive to build their business with this monthly, continued education opportunity.  This program is right for you if you enjoy learning, extending your expertise, and meeting in community with like-minded entrepreneurs. 

Developed with Purpose

The development of this monthly masterclass was intentional as entrepreneurship and life is so much more than the next strategy.  It is building, growing, and scaling your business via your personal abilities and professional skills to move you towards the fullest potential of yourself so then you can lead others and grow your business while increasing your impact and influence.  

It’s the transformation for me!

Your pathway to profits leads to your pathway of increased impact, influence, and income. How much longer will you sit in your comfort zone yet praying to have more in your life?  It’s time to put actions behind the impact, influence, and income you desire to build and grow a sustainable business. 

Fear of Success

Becoming the highest version of yourself can be scary.  Why?  Because the highest version of yourself means making large moves, accomplishing big goals, and creating the life you envision even if you’re afraid.  You have to invest in your dreams.  You have to invest in your goals.  You have to invest in your vision.  You’re worth it. 

Rachel Harper,

Business Growth & Leadership Educator

What would you do if you had no fear, unlimited access to money, and no mental roadblocks keeping you stalled from your next level of personal and professional growth and success?  Your business will only grow as far as your mind is willing to grow.  You need not wish and hope that your life becomes great through the pathway of osmosis.  You have to put in the work.  You have to show up.  This masterclass is for those who understand the success of their business happens when they grow personally and professionally.  Are you ready to grow yourself and your business?  Well, let’s get it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get access to only one masterclass?

This is a monthly subscription.  Each month, you’ll pay into a new masterclass, which is shown ahead of time on the schedule (see above).

What if I don't want access to each of the classes?

Because Pathway to Profits is a monthly subscription, you have the opportunity to end at any time.  Pathway to Profits is presented as a personal and professional growth opportunity for CEOs so if you want to continue to grow and learn every month with like-minded entrepreneurs, this is a great opportunity to stick with.

Is this a monthly sit-and-get?

While some classes are sit-and-get, you also get the opportunity to dive deep into workshops as well as masterminds quarterly.

What's the difference between the masterclass, workshop, and mastermind?

Masterclass = you’ll walk away with a blueprint

Workshop = we’ll walk you through the blueprint step-by-step

Mastermind = those in the group will have their questions answered as a collective by members/experts in the community.

Can I receive a discount if I join the community late in the year?

No refunds are provided.  This is due to the fact that when you join, you still receive access to all classes via replays.

What happens once I register and join the community?

Immediately, you’ll receive a link to the class.  You’ll also be enrolled in our learning platform where you’ll get access to all replays.

Who will present each class?

This is our founding year; therefore, we are currently open to have guest experts present on any of these topics.  Classes are presented by Rachel Harper if another name is not mentioned.

What's the benefits of memberships?

-Access to blueprints that’ll grow your business.

-Access to classes that’ll grow you personally as a CEO, which will then grow your business.

-First notice of new programs and opportunities

-First notice of reduced prices on our signature programs for being a founding member in 2022

-Masterminds that’ll propel you and your business to increased profits

Whether you believe you can or whether you believe you can’t, you’re right.