Small Business Planning

Business Planners helping small business owners plan their way to clarity, increased profits and sustainability.

How We Do It

The goal is to guide small business owners to better plan their way to success.  Here are the opportunities we offer your company:


Business Planning for Startups: Build your business plan using our thorough planning model and gain a clear roadmap on how to best execute your company towards success.


Business Planning for Funding: Build a business plan using the LEAN model for a one-page plan sure to bring funding into your company.

You Qualify

We offer action-packed and highly developed services and programs for small business owners who…


Don't have a business plan or need to update one to strategically forecast the future of their business for their own knowledge, the knowledge of future partners, and/or funding providers



We help you take a step back, gain clarity on the steps necessary to thrive in business, fill in the operational and process gaps, and propel forward to a new level of success.

  • We offer
    • Business Planning Consulting,
    • 1-to-1 VIP Day Business Plan service¬†
    • VIP Day group business plan workshops¬†

You will walk away with a clear vision on the front-end and back-end of your business.

Wait! Before you go…

Download the business plan checklist


Are you a startup company in need of a business plan to strategically plan your way to profits?


Are you a profitable business in need of writing your first or updating your current business plan?

Yes?! Get the business plan checklist to get started writing your first or updating your current business plan.