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About Me

Who is Rachel Harper?


In Short

I’m a former high school educator who left the classroom to take my side-hustle to a full-time, successful service-based consultative service.

More Than That

I’m a wife to an amzing husband, mother to three small children, and passionate about educating business owners not only how to scale and grow their business, but how to grow mentally in the process.

Rewarding Career

As an educator, I had awesome relationships with my students, colleagues, and parents.

I enjoyed the interconnection of coaching track and field, helping students work through their various mental and physical health diagnoses (special education & 504) so as to not impede their learning, and leading in various capacities.

The most rewarding aspect of teaching was playing a role in the development and educational success of student’s and their young minds.

I thought I had it all: good salary, perfect hours, and benefits


This is the last picture I took in the classroom.  Well, it was actually a cubicle, literally. I went to a new school and the only privacy I had was either in my car or the bathroom.

The entire school year I felt a tug that I was working out of alignment with my dreams and my predestined purpose.

I needed more!

See, as a teacher, my entire life was under contract, not just my position and salary.

I couldn’t travel whenever I wanted.  My last two pregnancies, I went back to work before my six-week leave ended because the longer I stayed out, my income decreased.

The guilt of teaching other people’s children then having only one single thread of energy for my own children at the end of the day became my mental fight.

The lack of good eating habits, exercise, and rest took a large toll on myself and also affected my family.

As I snapped this picture, I vowed to begin living my life in alignment with my dreams and visions; no longer walking in fear, bad eating habits, lack of exercise, and a toiling mind that never rested.

Prepare Your Business to Handle its Success


I took my 10+ years of planning, organization, statistical data analysis and mental health counseling expertise and founded Rachel Harper Fit LLC so I can help business owners…


  • become strategic, data-driven CEO thinkers


  • organize their business operations, procedures, and systems so their business has the capacity to handle growth


  • grow their mindset while growing their business to new levels of success

So Come Along!  Don’t You Dare Wait Another Year to Run Your Business Like a Business that’s Prepared for Growth.

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