Hey, There!
I’m Rachel.

Where do I begin?! Well, let me start by saying, “WELCOME!” and “Thank you for being here!”.  It is a pleasure having you here and I pray our platform brings even more abundance to your mind, body, and soul.

Rachel Harper Fit, LLC is in the business of providing (w)holistic healing, health, and wellness so individuals have the mental and physical strength to walk in their purpose.

My journey with wellness began in high school, unintentionally.  

I grew up in a household that lived below the line of poverty.  My parents relationship became rocky in middle school and completely fell apart while I attended high school.

Among other happenings, running track was my saving grace.  It helped my mental space stay strong.

It provided a way to escape.  It allowed for social health and positive relationships with peers and coaches.

I was offered a college track scholarship and it was still in that moment that I was yet a part of a social connection and daily mental renewal that kept me strong in my moments of weakness.  

I mean, college is no easy task!

Fast forward, as an adult, I’ve had to pull from what I know when times get hard.

Taking walks when I’m frustrated.  Listening to music when I’m upset.

Spending time with God in prayer and meditation every morning to keep my stress, anxiety, fear, and any other messy thinking away for the day.

Listening for birds after my morning meditation so I’m reminded that even the birds of the air do not worry so why should I. (Matt. 6: 25 – 34)

Working out weekly to keep my energy up and my body intact so I can build a legacy for my children.

To me, health and wellness is so much more than doing the right exercises and eating the “right” foods.

It’s the very thing that sustains me while I build my empire and leave a legacy of wealth, health, and wellness.

Your purpose is divine.  You have a purpose and before you perrish, I hope you walk in it.  Just like Esther walked into her purpose and saved a nation that was doomed, I know God’s purpose for you is needed by everyone who comes in contact with you.

This is why your mental and physical health is soooo important.  You have work to do and it’s going to take strength, courage, and your mental and physical strength to help you build your legacy.

I hope this space is the door that connects your PURPOSE with your mental, physical and spiritual health so you can have a SUSTAINABLE life and LEGACY of wealth, health, and wellness.

Connect with me! Let’s talk. Say hi! We are on this walk together.

My Mission

“Empowering God’s children to build a sustainable life and leave a legacy of wealth, health, and wellness as they walk in their God-given, divine purpose.”