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In 2019, the creator of the Heal. Grow. Reset. Movement, Rachel Harper, underwent surgery to which her blood pressure spiked on the surgery table. Though the procedure was considered outpatient, she was kept overnight to have blood pressure medication provided via IV. Her blood pressure would remain unbalanced for six weeks after her discharge from the hospital.

Two years prior, Rachel was standing inside her empty Biology classroom when the room “started to spin” and she couldn’t get her heart to stop racing. Out of fear, she quickly made her way to the nurse office. The nurse took her blood pressure and immediately asked Rachel if she wanted her to call an ambulance because her blood pressure was high.

With past experiences gaining an educational degree in exercise science/kinesiology and working in cardiac rehabilitation with heart attack and stroke patients, she seen first hand the detrimental consequences of living with uncontrolled blood pressure.

Not only did she understand the necessity of reducing her blood pressure, but she had the skills and know-how to get it done for herself as she had done for so many others, including her husband.

In 2020, she launched her private wellness practice. Understanding the “silent assassinations” that come from high blood pressure, especially within the Black community, she re-launched into the health and wellness space with the mission of providing cardiac prevention, rehabilitation, and support to the masses.

Her signature program, the Heart Health and Wellness Accelerator, guides the ambitious woman from being overwhelmed by the process of lowering her blood pressure to being educated and empowered about her heart health, so she can reduce her risk factors, balance her blood pressure, and return to an active lifestyle with the right food, fitness, and fun.

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