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Small Business

Consulting and Coaching

Business Strategists helping the every day small business owner to develop optimized business growth strategies to strategically build and solidify their legacy.

You started your business to create more freedom, flexibility, and fun in your life.  The problem is you’ve created a second job for yourself and you don’t know how to redesign your business so you can live the lifestyle you so choose.

As Business Strategists and Consultants, our team provides services to help you 1) create the greatest path of least resistance to your goals, 2) achieve the greatest return on your influence + impact, and 3) build legacy and vision with defined goals, strategies, power tasks, and data analysis.


Your Pathway to Success

1) Strategy + Growth Consulting

2) Strategy + Growth Courses

3) Strategy + Growth Coaching

4) Strategy + Growth Workshops

We understand what it’s like to have a great idea, turn it into a business, find strategies from all the “gurus”, implement the strategies then see no return on your investment.


This is why we use our expertise to help business owners, just like you, sustain their business with our strategy + growth services.

Here’s How We Do It

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Step 1

Complete the Pre-consultation Questionnaire

Make the decision to implement sound strategies inside your business..

Rachel Harper

Step 2


During this call, you’ll meet with your business consultant for 60 minutes as they walk you through the exact strategy, operating system and/or procedures necessary to meet your business growth goal(s).


Step 3


Live the lifestyle you so choose with a business with a plan, strategy, and actionable goals for optimized growth.