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Leadership Development

 Leadership Success Consultants committed to supporting women business owners and entrepreneurs with the development of leadership skills.

Build Sound Leadership Skills 

You need the right tools to sustain your business.  The problem is, your leadership skills are non-existent, ineffective and/or based solely on antiquated leadership philosophies.

As Leadership Success Consultants, our team provides the leadership blueprint for women business owners and entrepreneurs who want to level up and update their leadership skills.

Our leadership success programs teach you new-age, positive leadership secrets so you can successfully sustain your empire and reach your life desires (time freedom, financial independence).


Your Pathway to Success

Leadership Pillars of Excellence

Level up your leadership skills by taking a new approach to leadership excellence.  Build the foundation of your business by effectively implementing strategies that dive into the inner work of becoming a leader who efficiently attacks the following five pillars of leadership excellence:




4)Emotional and,


The tools you learn are transferable from inside the office to outside the office in your everyday living.

We understand what it’s like to lead a business built on antiquated leadership philosophies and skills.


This is why we use our expertise to help women business owners and entrepreneurs, just like you, sustain their business with our positive leadership and self-development programs.

Here’s How We Do It

Step 1


Make the decision to invest in your leadership and personal development

Step 2


Enroll in the 7 day leadership and self-development program [self-paced].  Take the next 7 days to set the foundation of your pathway to leadership excellence so you can lead your business with a sound mind, body, and spirit.

Step 3


Keep your business thriving with business leadership and self-development coaching.  Connect with like-minded women who are successfully building and leading their empire while also living internally and externally well for their legacy. Claim your seat in the Women Reset leadership program today.

Build Your Empire 

At Rachel Harper Fit LLC, we know that you want to be a small business owner who can effectively build, grow, and sustain your business to accomplish the desires of having financial independence, time-freedom, no personal debt, paying for your children’s education and so many other desires. 

To do that, you need to implement leadership skills that are not antiquated and will help sustain your business.

The problem is your business is built on the philosophy that leadership is based solely on your outward skills and abilities and not your inner personal growth as a leader. 

We believe women entrepreneurs and business owners succeed in leadership when they build an authentic personal brand that includes developing a sound well-being.

We packaged our leadership, counseling, wellness, and education expertise into our leadership and self-development programs.

Here’s how you can begin:

1) Make the decision to become a leader who leads with a sound mind, body, and spirit,

2) Buy ‘Live Well for Your Purpose’, the 7-day self-development program for women business owners, and

3) Join the leadership and self-development group coaching program, Woman Reset. 

So, enroll in the 7-day leadership and self-development program and in the meantime, make the decision to begin living well for your purpose and your legacy so you can sustain your business and reach your ultimate life desires.